PTC immersion Heaters
PTC ceramic chip provides the ability to adjust the amount of heat it transmits as ambient conditions change. Based on this capability , PTC heating elements will achieve much greater cost effectiveness and higher safety than nichrome wire elements. PTC heaters lower your maintenance down time no fuses to change, they self regulate when covered with build up, making them energy efficient.




Cost effectiveness is achieved in multiple ways. PTC technology brings together the function of a heating element , thermostat , and control device in a single component , thereby eliminating the component structure and cost associated with common nichrome wire heating elements and enabling precise temperature specifications. The amperage draw will ultimately be less than an equivalent wattage nichrome coil element thus running at less power equating to lower operating cost.

PTC heaters



PTC heating and the environment , because of their relatively large surface temperature which eliminates the need for multiple heat transfers and consequently , saves energy while providing environment-friendly heating without any RFI or Inductive Radiation. In contrast , filament-based heating elements have a small surface area multiple coiled layers insulated in ceramic layers. Large amounts of heat must be emitted from the filament to pass through each of the ceramic layers,causing substantial energy loss. Coiled wires produce Inductive Radiation.

PTC energy efficient heaters



By far safety is the most important issue , PTC heating elements can be set at lower temperatures not hot enough to cause combustion unlike traditional nichrome wire elements. Standard nichrome wire heating elements have the potential to become RED HOT unlike the inherent physical properties of PTC technology that enable a safer operation , in contrast with standard filament- based (nichrome wire)heating elements. Most nichrome filament heaters require redundant safety devises and still have the potential to become hot enough to cause combustion. If not used properly in the application , in theory , PTC heaters are the safest most environmentally friendly and energy efficient heating device currently available.

PTC safe technology



• Chemical Processing
• Petrochemical
• Biofuel Production
• Baptistery Heaters
• Marine Equipment
• Aquaculture
• Duct Heaters
• Medical Equipment
• Industrial Process Manufacturing
• Heavy Viscous Liquid Heating
• Military Equipment and Heating Systems

PTC immersion heaters

Our engineering experience encompasses over 30 years designing heat related products for varied applications including the following : Industrial Chemical Heating , Metal Finishing , Product Electroplating , Evaporation , Aquaculture and Koi Pond. The intent of this web site is to supply non-contaminating and energy efficient heaters to the Aquaculture , Koi Pond and Fish Farming industry. Our all silicone aquaculture heaters do not corrode or produce rfi inductive radiation. We sell a unique line of Submersible Heaters and Heat Exchangers that can be used in both freshwater or saltwater. We also carry a complete line of heaters for chemical electroplating and metal finishing


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PTC immersion heaters